Our CrossFit classes consist of a group warm up followed by a concentrated focus on the technical and skill aspects of that day’s WOD (Workout of the Day). The WOD changes every day, and can consist of metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting elements — or any combination of the three! Class ends with mobility work and stretching, but sometimes we’ll throw in a quick challenge at you (150 double unders for time, anyone?!) just to keep you on your toes.



Olympic Lifting

Specialized programs are rotated on a frequent basis that concentrate on technical skills that are typically covered in preparation for WODs, but are honed and refined during Oly Lifting. Learn the proper techniques to gain strength, speed and agility to snatch, clean & jerk, and to advance other lifts.



Personal Training

1:1 of small group classes are designed on an “as requested” basis with Oak Ciy’s coaches to focus on skills and techniques that may be lacking, or that may need refinement. Whether it’s squatting, learning double unders, strength work for pull-ups, or special work to obtain your first muscle-up, Personal Training is an adjunct to CrossFit classes.


Aerobic Capacity

Many of us seek out additional training that permits our “cardio engines” to keep pumping during rigorous WODs. A lot of concentration is placed on running and rowing, and what proper pacing and technique permits us to achieve.


CrossFit Kids/Teens

Our ever-growing community does not only focus on those 16 years old and older – we develop classes that are challenging (but grounded) for youngsters from 9-15 in order to introduce children to the positive nature of CrossFit.

We offer Open Gym time throughout the week to allow our athletes to work on whatever skills they feel need improvement or to make-up a missed WOD. We have a coach available to assist you, but as the name implies, there isn’t a structured WOD so it’s your time to play!

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