Oak City CrossFit
Nutrition Kickstart Challenge

Our 6-Week Nutrition Kickstart Challenge was designed to help you create a healthier lifestyle by building healthy habits.

Instead of a restrictive diet or crazy amounts of exercise, you will work on including more healthy options and eating proper portion sizes.

Over the 6 weeks, we will work with you to create new healthy habits that you can maintain forever.

Rather than losing a bunch of weight just to gain it back again after the Challenge is over, you will be Kickstarting your new Nutrition journey!

Challenge Includes:

  • 2 In-Person Meetings with your Nutrition Coach
  • Initial & Final Biometric Testing
  • Nutrition Seminar
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Access to Exclusive HSN App
  • Weekly Video Tips

Important Dates:

  • Kickoff Seminar – Saturday, January 29th
  • Initial Meeting with your Nutrition Coach – January 28th- 30th
  • Challenge Start Date – Monday, January 31st
  • Challenge End Date – Sunday, March 13th

Cost: $200